Ryan Kopinsky
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When hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee in September 2016, 90% of the power grid had been affected and over 100k customers were without electricity for several days. As you can imagine, everyone was anxiously waiting for electricity to be restored. The City of Tallahassee Utilities crews were working day and night to restore services and updated their progress on the City’s outage map. However, citizens soon became impatient after realizing the map wasn’t updating at all and little communication came from local government officials. So matters were taken into own hands by citizens posting on social media the current areas that were being worked on by utility crews and the local newspaper putting up a running list of open restaurants. The city and its citizens pulled through and business is now as usual again. That's what we call #TallahasseeStrong!

Going through the humbling experience of rebuilding Tallahassee after this natural disaster, we saw the need for a go-to, centralized dashboard with real-time status updates for services and accommodations during emergencies in Tallahassee. Whether trying to find a restaurant that is open or seeing where utility crews are restoring services, StatusTLH provides you with the latest updates.

Platform: iOS, Android (coming soon)

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